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I used to have so many followers! How will i get followers again? It’s been so long!! I post lots of cool shit lol besides just baby pictures and what not


Google Chrome Snooki’s Baby Commercial

Gym, tan, ruin the lives of your children.



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Almost 5 months old!?

Where does the time go??? I had a tumblog when i was pregnant but after he was born i was SOOO busy, My view and interests have changed a lot since the day i became a mommy so i decided to start anew :)

My name is Christy. I met my best friend/husband at a gas station arguing over which was better: Coke or Pepsi? LOL It’s been close to two years now and even though there are bumps in the road i could never love him any less than i do on our most magnificent day. We found out we were expecting 4 weeks after our honeymoon— i was 4 wks along ;) LOL We welcomed our bundle into the world Halloween morning 2011 at 8.45 am. I’m a photographer and a crafter, I’m designing a line of punk rock newborn prop headbands and accessories. That’s me in a nutshell.

His name is Raylan. He has a head full of hair, pretty bad temper, and beautiful blue eyes. He likes frogs, monkeys, pears,bananas, sitting up, the great outdoors, and of course— Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He sleeps through the night-12 hrs- woo hoo! Loves stroller rides, reading Dr. Suess, and his nickname is Tink Tink.

We are truely blessed to have him and even more so that i get to spend everyday watching him grow into an amazing person.

Please join us for this journey :)

St. Patrick’s Day 2012 { 4 mos Old }

St. Patrick’s Day 2012 { 4 mos Old }